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Chanda re chanda re
August 30, 2009

Now that the Chandrayan is officially declared over, I believe it is the perfect time to raise this issue.

At a time, when the runoff from a five minute rain does not find a proper channel and creates the muddy hole that is officially a road in front of my house, how rational is it to waste my tax on a failed trip to moon?

At a time, when the five minute rain is enough to disrupt the power supply to my house, should my tax be wasted trying to find water in moon?

At a time, when the prices are touching the roof though the inflation shows negative, should we be investigating the feasibility of life in moon? And if yes, why should I pay for it?

Can we undo some of the premature chest-beating we allowed ourselves to indulge in last year?


Free society is not free elections and democracy
May 6, 2009

In Capitalism Magazine Michael J Hurd has written an insightful essay titled “War and Peaceful Majority“. He describes why it is irrelevant what the majority of a nation believes in, because it is the government which gets to make the decisions which affect the future of everybody.

People generally are peace loving, but history has shown repeatedly – in Russia, Germany, China and other countries – that they cannot really stop a government from making gross and immoral decisions. Democracy, it can be argued, can bring in the change for the better. But for that, the democracy has to work; the people should be able to analyze the good from the bad, the ideal from the rhetoric and make their opinion heard. After all, Hitler did not start out as a dictator but he did manage to get absolute power from within a democracy.

The following quote rings so true today for US, as it does for India.

 A free society requires much, much more than free elections and democracy.
These are necessary tools, but they are not absolutes. There’s only one absolute in a free society: The right of the individual—each and every individual—to be free from the initiation of physical force. This right makes the necessity of a strong limited government—with a police force, military and civil/criminal court system—quite obvious.

Take the award or face prison?
April 21, 2009

When people in power believe that all their achievements are due to “good fortune” which in other words mean “being at the right place at the right time” they can never accept that some people actually earn it through hard work. Sports Minister S.S. Gill believes so, so does Arjun Singh. I guess most of the Congress loyalists believe so because they have earned it through their loyalty to somebody.

But to say “YOU take MY national award the way I want it, or it stands withdrawn”, Mr Gill has proved that there DOES exist a soft-Taliban as Mr Obama believes. Just imagine, what is the next probable step:

On gun point, you take the National award or go to jail?

Where is the perpetual machine?
April 21, 2009

I always knew these guys have a sound metaphysical backing of what they are promising. After all, promises presuppose an absolute method -may not be proven yet – but a conviction that there is a logical method to prove it. When Mr Tata promised to manufacture a car in the India -at the same price as the Europeans manufacture their cars’ audio systems – he had envisioned a method to do it. It surely cannot come out of thin air, can it?

Years ago, when I was going through the Atlas Shrugged for the first time, I was excited to read about the self perpetuating machine called the Galt’s motor. Not that I was excited about its feasibility in the real world because I could comprehend what it stood for in the novel. Galt not only had the temerity of thinking he could make a machine which runs on the environment (it used static electricity from the environment to run) and there by turning the metaphor ‘out of thin air’ on its head, but he actually made it run.

Now come on guys, bring out that machine and show it to all of us. We have a right to see along with the rights to eat, learn and be healthy. And have a little pity too, we are a socialist republic. Don’t just think about profit, it is such a dirty word. You think we are such fools we won’t realize, didn’t you? You will use the machine to create rice at zero cost and plan to sell it at Rupees 3(Congress manifesto) and Rupees 2(BJP manifesto) a kilo and thereby earning such enormous profits?

Umm, what do you mean there is no such machine? You mean rice still needs to be produced the conventional way? Whose money have you decided to spend then?