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The curious case of…
November 14, 2009

Here are a few things those came across my mind while watching ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button‘. One if not allowing the attention of the audience go anywhere else while watching the movie is a parameter of a well made movie, it scores really well on this front. One is just sucked into it beyond the first 5 minutes.

Two, a movie is one art form which given the right hands, morphs an imaginary world to such an extent that it leaves the audience – both mass and elite – with questions of what-if. What if somebody is born old, grows up reverse(grows down!) and dies being a baby.

Three, given a great script with well written dialogues and good story telling abilities, the audience actually forgives the improbability of a make-believe happening. Something, that the directors in Bollywood have not been able to replicate successfully.

So, in a week where Sachin plays a knock that reminds us of what he used to be decade back, its such a nice coincidence. Is he getting younger? 😉

Some more thought on things that were actually born perfect and gradually going backwards made me feel almost like – well – is not the United States of America the perfect example? An old habitation, created young and perfect by the founding fathers of the country, making it the best place on earth to live in, and then the gradual intellectual decay of going backwards. Are we going to see a juvenile America and then see it on the cradle? I hope not.


Movie Review – “Children of heaven”
November 16, 2007

Hmm.. umm.. what do you mean?

M replied totally out of character, confused. In our office usually he has the best one-liners to most complex of questions. Incorrect replies, but funny nonetheless.

I had just asked him whether he loves his sister. Personal yes, but not a complex question by any standards.
He took the longest pause I remember him taking, and mumbled out something like this.
Yeah I like meeting her..mmm..but thats it you know..hmm.. I guess we were never very fond of each other…I like to see her once in a while. As for love, I would not associate the word for a sister“.

I knew what he meant and I did not intend to stretch the conversation more. We both looked deep into our coffee mugs and sipped.But the question remained to be answered was this: how else do you describe your fondness for a relation other than your spouse, say for a sister?

Coincidentally I watched the the movie the same evening. “Children of heaven” an Iranian movie released in 1997. It was nominated for the Academy award for best foreign language film in 1998 and eventually lost to Italian movie “Life is beautiful”. The movie was released as Bacheha-Ye Aasmaan in Persian, written and directed by Majid Majidi.

It is the story of a brother and sister (Ali and Zahra) from a poor family in Iran. Ali has managed to lose his sister’s only pair of shoes on the way home from the shoe-repair shop. They cannot tell this at home, because their father cannot afford a new pair of shoes, and also it may mean punishment. This must remain a secret, but how will Zahra go to school now?

What unfold are a lot of funny situations, and a lot of running around. Then there comes a school selection for an upcoming marathon race for children. Ali learns, that the person who comes third in the race, gets a pair of shoes as the prize. He finds a prospective solution to their problem. What happens next is for you to find out.

There are a lot of points going in favour of this movie. For once it gives a sneak peak into the lives of ordinary Iranians(presumably in Teheran), which was really good to see. The children are portrayed as they should be, innocent yet full of life. It is a known fact how the children in Indian movies are portrayed, either an undefined character in the script, or, most of the times, too smart. What is lost is the innocence which is the only word true to children. Hightime Indian directors took notice of this fact and I am eagerly looking forward to Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par.

Above all, the simple story-telling makes this movie a winner. The soul of the story deals with the spirit of life which essentially means taking setbacks in life, finding ways how to get over them, and winning. Its a toast to life. Kudos to the director for not deviating from the story for even a second and presenting it at the right pace.

It almost made me want to stretch my imagination to be able to bring a smile to a non-existent little sister of mine. No matter how they describe the feeling in the west, I would call it love.