The curious case of…

Here are a few things those came across my mind while watching ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button‘. One if not allowing the attention of the audience go anywhere else while watching the movie is a parameter of a well made movie, it scores really well on this front. One is just sucked into it beyond the first 5 minutes.

Two, a movie is one art form which given the right hands, morphs an imaginary world to such an extent that it leaves the audience – both mass and elite – with questions of what-if. What if somebody is born old, grows up reverse(grows down!) and dies being a baby.

Three, given a great script with well written dialogues and good story telling abilities, the audience actually forgives the improbability of a make-believe happening. Something, that the directors in Bollywood have not been able to replicate successfully.

So, in a week where Sachin plays a knock that reminds us of what he used to be decade back, its such a nice coincidence. Is he getting younger? 😉

Some more thought on things that were actually born perfect and gradually going backwards made me feel almost like – well – is not the United States of America the perfect example? An old habitation, created young and perfect by the founding fathers of the country, making it the best place on earth to live in, and then the gradual intellectual decay of going backwards. Are we going to see a juvenile America and then see it on the cradle? I hope not.


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