Chanda re chanda re

Now that the Chandrayan is officially declared over, I believe it is the perfect time to raise this issue.

At a time, when the runoff from a five minute rain does not find a proper channel and creates the muddy hole that is officially a road in front of my house, how rational is it to waste my tax on a failed trip to moon?

At a time, when the five minute rain is enough to disrupt the power supply to my house, should my tax be wasted trying to find water in moon?

At a time, when the prices are touching the roof though the inflation shows negative, should we be investigating the feasibility of life in moon? And if yes, why should I pay for it?

Can we undo some of the premature chest-beating we allowed ourselves to indulge in last year?


One Response

  1. Hi

    That’s a great thinking!!!!!!! I loved your valuable points.
    The only consolation is we have got 70,000 pictures from the moon, some times we can use it as a screen saver.


    .Edited personal reference

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