Where is the perpetual machine?

I always knew these guys have a sound metaphysical backing of what they are promising. After all, promises presuppose an absolute method -may not be proven yet – but a conviction that there is a logical method to prove it. When Mr Tata promised to manufacture a car in the India -at the same price as the Europeans manufacture their cars’ audio systems – he had envisioned a method to do it. It surely cannot come out of thin air, can it?

Years ago, when I was going through the Atlas Shrugged for the first time, I was excited to read about the self perpetuating machine called the Galt’s motor. Not that I was excited about its feasibility in the real world because I could comprehend what it stood for in the novel. Galt not only had the temerity of thinking he could make a machine which runs on the environment (it used static electricity from the environment to run) and there by turning the metaphor ‘out of thin air’ on its head, but he actually made it run.

Now come on guys, bring out that machine and show it to all of us. We have a right to see along with the rights to eat, learn and be healthy. And have a little pity too, we are a socialist republic. Don’t just think about profit, it is such a dirty word. You think we are such fools we won’t realize, didn’t you? You will use the machine to create rice at zero cost and plan to sell it at Rupees 3(Congress manifesto) and Rupees 2(BJP manifesto) a kilo and thereby earning such enormous profits?

Umm, what do you mean there is no such machine? You mean rice still needs to be produced the conventional way? Whose money have you decided to spend then?


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