Indian culture and the protectors

So we have new self-proclaimed protectors of Indian culture coming up everyday. At this rate, soon Indian culture will have more protectors than followers. Cheers!

    “Rajasthan CM for ending pub and mall culture

Yes Mr Minister, we in India believe anything that is done in closed rooms is correct. Be it holding hands, sex, or just politics!


Update 1: At last, I found a connection between Indian culture and ‘men from Sri Ram Sena beating up women’.

Legend has it that Laxmana, the brother of Sri Ram, did cut the nose of Surpanakha for having the temerity to propose him. Obviously, that was not Indian culture and she did deserve a punishment.

So the guys from Sri Ram sena are only following tradition of attacking women who dont follow Indian culture.  QED.


Update 2: The Karnataka CM follows the tradition too.

    “We won’t allow pub culture: K’taka CM

IMO, the only culture we are good at is microbial which made us 1.3 billion and growing.


Update 3:  Oh, oh see who sees nothing wrong in boys and girls holding hands openly!

    “Sheila Dixit joins in”

Thanks a lot madam, for that. But not long ago you thought women were being adventurous if they moved around alone in Delhi post midnight.


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